Biography: Milton Parker, Carnegie Deli owner

If you live somewhere in New York then you should know where Carnegie Deli is located.

Those who had been even once to that famous restaurant are quite familiar with sandwiches that are rolled on for the guests.

The man behind those delectable sandwiches was Milton Parker, whose rise to fame started after he got retired.

Though Carnegie Deli had been around since 1937, Milton bought the restaurant, way back in 1976.

He was not the only one who had a share in Carnegie Deli; there were two others who had invested on Carnegie Deli.

Mr. Steiner was one of them who partnered with Milton Parker. Carnegie Deli’s success became the talk of the town.

Milton Parker’s birth and his early day’s

Milton Parker was born on Jan 10, 1919, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

He had a tough beginning, as his parents died when he was relatively younger. He faced crunch situations in his early days.

With no one to look after, Mr. Parker, decided to join a small restaurant, where he began working to earn his daily bread.

He stayed in Brooklyn during his early days doing petty jobs in restaurants before he decided to do something different.

Milton Parker’s coffee shop

Mr. Parker had gained lot of experience as he had worked for many restaurants in his early days.

It was around 1950, when he decided to open a coffee shop. The coffee shop did very well, and helped Mr. Parker to lead a comfortable life.

He was happy being the owner of a coffee shop till he thought enough is enough. He sold his coffee shop and eventually retired from active business at the age of 58.

Milton Parker bought Carnegie Deli

Mr. Parker was leading his life away from the shackles of business headaches, but then he found Carnegie Deli, ready to be sold out.

He could not resist the deal, and took a plunge again in active business. He was nearing 60, but he had a lot of enthusiasm to pursue his dream.

Mr. Parker became the owner of Carnegie Deli, along with Mr. Steiner in 1976, and the rest they say, is history.

Mr. Parker had a perfect understanding with Mr. Steiner. They both handled their responsibilities with utmost care and perfection.

Mr. Steiner was the one who acted as a public relation executive. He was more of a management guy, who looked after running a restaurant. He was a very good host. He would welcome guests and made sure that guests were well attended.

While Mr. Parker looked after the kitchen, he would come up with delicious food for the guests.

Mr. Parker was instrumental in preparing new dishes. His 5 inch sandwich was the signature Carnegie Deli dish. The pastrami sandwich was one of the most popular foods to adorn the table of Carnegie Deli in the restaurant’s 70 years old history.

Carnegie Deli was the favorite hang out place for many; in fact it was also the favorite for many Hollywood celebrities.

Milton Parker suffered a major setback when his partner Mr. Steiner passed away in 1987.

After Steiner’s death, Mr. Parker began running the restaurant himself.

He took charge of the management and also saw that dishes are well served in the kitchen. Milton parker retired from active business for the last time in 2002.

His Carnegie Deli still lives on. He wrote a book titled ‘how to feed friends and influence people’ in which he describes the recipe of success.

Milton parker ideals would always stay in the minds of those who had visited Carnegie Deli and had tasted his luscious sandwiches.

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