Vedic Astrology: Know Most Probable Future, its Problems & Remedies

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Think, what will if we know future. We definitely go in stock market or may take cautious steps for coming problems. We can solve our every problem But unfortunately this is not possible. To know future we are still very lagged behind or may be we’re unaware of some study. So question is Can we ever see Future. This question is too old question, may be also pointed by Adam Eves. But continued deep and more deep research develops a study what we call Astrology or Jyotish or Vedic astrology. Astrology can not tell stock market movement but can forecast our coming behaviour, mental status and even body related problems. It can give solution of these problems. This study is not a magic or trick, this is just a Pure Science and mathematic calculations. Astrology based on one uinversal true assumption that everybody in this world is made from the ashes of Stars and Planets. Even a single nano bacteria inside or outside our body is from Stars’ ashes. Moon is better example when it attracts water. Not only moon but there are lot of such plantes and stars which affects earth and even ourselves.

Birth time means when a human being enters in this world. This time is considered very crucial as assumed that every planet according to their movement leaves respective quantity of element in body and when this time is noted down is called as Natel chart. Day by day, Planets’ positions are changed and this continously affects mental thinking. Mental thinking is the reason of every problem, success, confident, accident, courage or coward. When these planets’ movement is analysed with Birth time then an astrologer can predict the coming behaviour of a particular person and its effects. Astrology is a calculation of planets’ element in our body and this study also tells how to increase or decrease a particular element and what will it affect. So remedies are also available.

But unfortunately with the passage of time true study is missing. Uneducated or partial educated astrologers making people fool just for the sake of money. Whenever search an astrologer, their first objective is to put tons of fear & problems and then charge tons of money to overcome these problems. One should always demand logics and proofs from these astrologers. Even I many times believe such false astrologers. Perhaps like you, I’m also very crazy to know future

                                                                                                                                                    – Ramit


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