How I could use $100 to make the world a better place?

How I could use $100 to make the world a better place?

You mean to say making the world a better place by using just $ 100 ?It is reasonably a big amount if you convert it into Indian rupee.I assume that the amount is deposited into my paypal account and I get it transferred to my bank account.My bank account in India has been credited with 100 x 47: Rs 4,700 less Rs 50 towards commission to paypal and again I add Rs 50 making it into a total amount of Rs 4,700/-

Now the real experiment begins.Making the world a better place means thinking in a larger and a wider perspective.I strongly believe that if every one of us strive to do something to put his or her own house in order then it will serve the general and larger interests of the society and certainly will help to make the world a better place.

Therefore, let me do something to put my house in order.By saying my house’ I refer to my mother country,India.Currently, she has been smarting from the injuries created by terrorism.I cannot do personally anything about it except desisting from supporting terrorism and sympathising with the victims of terrorism.But I can send a sum Rs 1,000/- to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund with a note that the amount may be spent for combating terrorism.

I am seeing a number of school boys in my day to day life who are doing their part-time job of delivering the newspapers at the door steps of the subscribers.Most of them are doing it to earn part-time money to pay their school fees or to support their family I will purchase a new cycle at a budget of Rs 1,200/- and donate it to a deserving student who do not have a bicycle but doing a part-time job with great difficulty.It actually serves the dual purpose of encouraging the student to continue his studies without becoming a drop out and earn something by doing his part-time job.

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