How To Be Flush Every Month

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1. Live with in your means not out side it. Be sure you are living within your means and not over extending yourself before making purchases and take up responsibilities you may not be able to follow through on.

2. A credit card may be a necessary evil but use it only in an emergency and not as a means of living from pay check to pay check. If you can’t afford to do it without using your card don’t do it.

3. A good habit to get into is to leave your card at home. Don’t take it with you all the time and you will be less apt to use it for things you don’t really need.

4. Establish a budget and stick by it. Purchase a ledger at your office supply or department store. Write down all your bills. Don’t forget insurance and savings.

5. If you are paying more than a third of your monthly income for rent or mortgage something is wrong and you need to look at this a little more thoroughly.

6. Start a savings account and pay yourself first. You should save at least 10% of your income monthly. More if you can do it. This can establish an emergency fund for lay offs and emergencies. You never know when your car may break down or your kids will need a new pair of shoes.

7. If you have large payments throughout the month try to make them come due near the time of your paychecks. This makes them easier to remember. If you take half of this payment out of one check and half out of the other you won’t feel so put upon when it comes time to pay this payment.

8. Calculate your budget three months ahead. That way if you know there is a payment coming up out of the ordinary it won’t come as a big surprise and you will be less apt to miss it.

9. If you are living with a significant other you should take some time monthly to go over the finances so everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises.

10. Giving yourself an allowance and not exceeding this can help assure that money will not be taken out of saving for monthly situations.


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