How to Save @ Least $40 By Switching Out One Light Bulb

lightbulb-main_Thumb.jpg Great Idea!

Here’s how to save money on your utility bill!

  1. Our places of residence and work use electricity and light, in these next few steps I’ll walk you through the cost of a higher energy light bulb useage and the cost difference switching to a lower electricity using version. It’s easy, you are helping the environment and cutting down on your own electrical costs. Green for Green *wink and a smile. (Knock down your utility bill a notch or two!)

  2. In this example we have a 100W light bulb, always on. (Uses 74 kwh/month)
    Using the calculation of the National Average .12 (cents) per kwh (kilo watt hour) useage. (See link for current State and National Averages for commercial and residential)

    Average Cost = $107.00 a Year (FOR ONE LIGHT BULB!!)

  3. So switch that light bulb to a 60W bulb, always on. (Uses 45 kwh per month)
    Using the calculation of the National Average .12 (cents) per kwh (kilo watt hour) useage

    Average Cost = $65.00 a Year (FOR ONE LIGHT BULB!!)

    A savings of $42.00!!! (using averages)

    Now your actual savings may be higher depending on your Local Rates that apply. (They may also be a bit lower, but you are still saving quite a bit for just one light bulb!)

  4. CompactFluorescentlightbulb_Thumb.jpg CFB

    Now if you take it a step further, and switch that 60W bulb to a 13W Compact Fluorescent Bulb (which has the same “light” or lumen as the 60W bulb) You will cut your cost for that one light bulb to a 1/4 of the cost, or around $25.00 per year.

    That is a significant savings!

  5. Step 5

    So, now you’re on a roll, and you have decided to never use, two lights in the house = $214.00 Saved
    & you have switched out the other bulb to a 13W CFB.

    You will save almost $240.00 in the next year on just those simple changes to three light bulbs!

    Green for Green!

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