Are cats a good choice for you?

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Getting a cat can be one of the most amazing experiences. Before you know it they will be a true part of your family, and each pet has a personality all of their own. But how do you know if a cat would suit you better then a dog? Well here’s some insight to see how much time and effort you have to give to your new family member.

There are two different types of cats you can generally raise and own. Indoor cats and outdoor cats. They both have their ups and downs but we’ll start with indoor. Probably the most tedious of responsibilities for an indoor kitten is training them! You have to buy the litter box you should replace every 3-6 months. When the kitten goes to the washroom in the house, if it is pee you should rub their nose in it while saying, ‘bad kitty’, then put them in the litter box. I know it sounds harsh and you may feel a little cruel doing it, but it is necessary for training so they know it’s bad. My cats are nearly 13 years old and have had less then a handful of accidents since they were trained. Not only is that a pain, but you also will have to buy litter all the time because it constantly needs to be cleaned and refilled. You need to be able to handle scooping out the cat’s waste. When your cat is an indoor cat it also helps to buy them toys and have a scratching post so not only do they have some form of excersize but they also won’t rip apart your couch or bed!

Like with all cats you must also always remember the responsibility of always feeding the cats, whether that’s on a timed schedual or free-feed. And to have fresh water handy. On to outdoor cats, although you don’t necessarily have to litter train them, you do have to still train them to go to the washroom outside. I find most people with indoor cats keep a litter box in hand just in case and the cats can use it if they are inside the house. The risk of a outdoor cat along with all the hazzards of them being hit by car or eating something they shouldn’t, they also get fleas a lot easier then indoor cats! You should take care of this for any of your pets but especially outdoor ones. Also, remember to get your cats fixed if you don’t want any pregnant kittys coming home. And don’t forget the fee’s for the cats that didn’t come with their shots already taken! That can get pricey.

Overall cats are amazing lil creatures. They cuddle you when your laying down to sleep, or on the couch. They will climb and try to lay down on the newpaper you’re trying to read. Hearing them pur is a lovely experience, and nothing can compare to the bond you make as they truly become a member of your family. They do after all all have their own distinctive personalities. In the end, you don’t have to walk them like a dog. They don’t bark like a dog, and their meows really aren’t comparable to a bark. They are smaller, and usually softer. But cats aren’t for everyone. Before you make the huge leap make sure it’s truly what you want. Dogs can be great pets also, or a fish even. it all depends on you. =)


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