Steve McNair’s Girlfriend Purchased Gun Days Before Shooting

According to the nephew of Steve McNair’s 20 year old girlfriend who was found dead alongside the former NFL MVP, she had purchased a gun a few days before the shooting.
The nephew, Farzin Abdi, claims that police told him they are almost positive that his aunt Sahel Kazemi was the shooter, however, Abdi does not think his aunt was capable of shooting McNair or herself.  Abdi was raised with Kazemi as if she were his sister after her parents were killed in Iran. He claimed that she was not depressed, quite the opposite in fact, and that she believed that McNair was divorcing his wife. She was preparing to sell her furniture to move in with him.
On Thursday night, Sahel Kazemi was stopped by police while driving a 2007 Cadillac Escalade that was registered to both her and McNair and arrested on a DUI charge. McNair was allowed to leave in a taxi since he had not technically broken the law. Kazemi was later bailed out by McNair. Steve McNair had also been arrested for driving under the influence previously.
McNair reportedly met Kazemi while she was working at the Dave & Buster’s restaurant as a server. McNair’s family ate at the restaurant often. They supposedly began dating a few months ago and have taken extravagant vacations together – pictures of which were leaked on
McNair’s wife Mechelle was unaware of the affair until reports were released regarding the details of her husband’s shooting. She is devastated and has not commented on her husband’s death.

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