Michael Jackson’s Family Will Have Private Service Before Memorial Gala

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Former pop star Michael Jackson will be buried at a Los Angeles cemetary on Tuesday, July 7 after a gala tribute takes place in his honor at the Staples Arena. The funeral service itself will take place at the cemetary at 8:00 am and it will not be public.
There has been speculation that the family would wait for legal matters to be resolved before laying the superstar to rest. There was also some question as to whether or not the family would elect to bury Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch. There were also rumors that Jackson family matriarch, Katherine Jackson had put an end to plans for a funeral procession of the singer’s body through Los Angeles. She apparently found the idea to be morbid and felt that the children, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (nicknamed affectionately Blanket) would be unnecessarily traumatized by it.
The family had originally considered the idea of a funeral and burial at the Neverland Ranch, the fantasy world that Jackson had constructed for himself complete with amusement park and petting zoo, but were met with opposition. It is not generally accepted practice to bury family members in residential areas.
Amid fears that the funeral would turn into a circus, the family has elected for a private service followed by the memorial service at the Staples Arena. The superstar will be buried immediately following the gala. Roughly 1.6 million fans applied to win 8,750 tickets to the service. The service will be broadcast on television but will not be shown on the giant television screens outside the arena.


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