How to browse web using command line part2: (Telnet)

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The funny thing is here that if you have a very slight view of the application layer of the connections you can do a lot of things in this layer!Telnet is an application that is designed for “Telecommunication network” and was first designed in 1969, and the aim was to create a connection in the application layer on Local Area Networks.The client software of this protocol is also called telnet, which is available on all versions of operating systems, (on Vista it’s off by default, but can be turned on easily and I will describe how to turn in on in one of my articles)Also there a free telnet client available on the internet with the name PuTTy which you can easily find and download it. In here I describe a simple connection to a web page through telnet to show how easy is to browse the Internet without any browser.

If you are a VISTA user first follow these steps if you are not a VISTA user you can skip this section:

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Click on Programs and Features
3. In the opened window click on Turn Windows features on or off on the left panel.
4. Find the Telnet Client and fill the check box. And click OK


Using telnet to browse the net:

1. From the start menu click run and type cmd, to open a command line window.

2. In the new command line window, type telnet 80  and press Enter

3. In the command line type: GET / HTTP/1.0

It important to know that sometimes you can’t see the command you type, that is because of the default value for localecho is usually off, to turn localecho on you have to type the following command in telnet (Set localecho)

4. The source of the page will be displayed!



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