Cure Anxiety

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In life there are so many worries and uncertainties that we face. Day to day we wake up not sure of what will come to us. We just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. It all can be overwhelming and that’s when the stress and anxiety comes into a play.

I would say that there is a good majority of us who suffer from anxiety or stress. Actually, I think everyone has anxiety at some point in life, but there are times that anxiety can be too much to handle; they have to go to the next level and start taking medications.

There’s nothing wrong with taking prescription medicines if that is right for you, but if you want to check out other options that are natural and non-habit forming, that’s great too.

If you suffer from anxiety, then these methods may work for you:

  1. Passion Flower, also known as “passiflora incarnata”. Studies have shown that the flower is comaparable to the prescription drug benzodiazepine and just like drugs it has side effects. You may experince feelings of sleepiness and nausea.
  2. Valerian, is a natural herb, that you have to take before going to bed. You may not notice any effects until about three weeks after you have started using the herb. The one thing to keep in mind if you decdie to go with this herb, is that Valerian only workss if you have mild anxiety.
  3. Kava, aids in relaxing and relives the symptoms of anxiety and worry. Kava, can cause damage to the liver so before you put it into your system make sure to do your research and make sure you aren’t at any or a miminal risk.

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