A Vagabond’s Nightmare

The worst place a vagabond can be…is stuck at a pit stop. There is no abode for vagabonds; there are only the world’s streams to wander around on. Following tracks, roads, and trails to unknown places that are not usually found on The Map. There are times when the vagabond needs to stops and catch up on current affairs, stock up on accessories, fill up the coin punch, and sometimes even search for a new path. These pit stops are important; they can be used for moments of refreshment, learning, and insight. However, if for some reason the vagabond is hindered from her travels, then there is cause for concern. There is nothing worst for a traveler than immobility.

goadsetjobsads.jpgI guess there are powers to be that cannot be controlled, for instance, disabling illnesses or broken down equipment. Most immobility problems can be resolved, however, the duration of the immobility can drive any vagabond to substance abuse, if this is to happen, then the vagabond is on the verge of becoming stationary. One can almost imagine that a vagabond can be slowly transformed into a bum. Having a nomadic tendency, not being able to mobilize because of being too drunk or high can destroy a vagabond. Or even worst, the vagabond might get wrapped up in a rat race…finding a steady job, one that requires her to show up at the same location, diligently, every day, and for 30 years with a carrot at the end.

trekking-cartoon-1.jpgThe vagabond then would have to trade in her wagon on wheels for a house or condo. If the vagabond is good to his steady daily source of bread, the masters of her workplace would let her flee for a few weeks a year. When this happens, some vagabonds return to their steady lifestyle, and one can imagine that most vagabonds at heart never return…they just keep on trekking.

The Modern Vagabond

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