What makes Top Gear so great and fun to watch?

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Top Gear is a program on BBC which is watched by over 375 million people worldwide. It focuses mainly on motoring and along with car reviews there are several segments of the show which are purely for entertainment. The stars of the shows are Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. They also have an anonymous racing driver called The Stig. They have reviewed several cars over the years and besides them also have various other items. These include:

The News

The hosts discuss about recent cars and stuff and nearly always get sidetracked into other things. It’s pretty funny as the comments by the hosts on each other can make you laugh your head off! And they bring about recent events and poke fun at them like Lewis Hamilton’s father wearing shorts when he became champion.

The Stig

He is an anonymous racing driver who always wears a white helmet and white racing overalls. It is his duty to post lap times of reviewed car around the Test Track of Top Gear. He listens to different types of music and self help tapes in each season. Before the start of the 13th season his identity was revealed by several British Newspapers and Top Gear responded to it by bringing in 7-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher dressed as him in the first episode and fooling around with the audience. The next week they went back to him as being anonymous.

Epic Races

These are races in which usually Jeremy, James and Richard race from one point to another in different types of transport like a Bugatti Veyron against an airplane and a Ferrari Daytona against a power boat. There are usually some funny comments during the race by the opponents.

Cheap Car Challenges

In these challenges the hosts are given a fixed budget and they have to buy a cheap car to fit in it and they are subject to several challenges. These can include anything from Tractors to transport vans for the band The Who. It’s really a very funny segment to watch.

Star in a reasonably priced car

Every week one celebrity is interviewed by Jeremy and he/she is given a cheap car (currently a Chevrolet Lecetti) to post a time around the track and the times are displayed on a leaderboard. This segment is usually pretty entertaining and sometimes excellent especially if you are familiar with the person being interviewed.


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