The Conduit – How to get Fast xp

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The Conduit (Wii) is a original FPS developed by HVS from the ground up for the Nintendo Wii.

There are in total 24 ranks to be earned and tens of thousands of xp to gain. In order to gain more xp in the game, you must first be familiar with the game itself. If you haven’t completed the single player, hop on The Conduit and do that now. It’s not about just completing the storyline, it’s about finding the best controls for you. There are over a dozen ways to customize your settings including custom controls and motions, custom deadzone settings, and speed settings. I will quickly go over the control settings so it can possibly help you out.

Custom Controls: Really like it says, customize your controls to the buttons you like best. Have your more useless actions (Pause, ASE, Score) be on the buttons you use the least, this will save the good buttons for actions you need. Be sure to have ‘Target Lock’ on a handy button, such as Z.

Deadzone Settings: This part may be confusing to many people, so I will tell you what it is, if you already know, then you can skip ahead. The deadzone is the area you can move your cross-hair before your camera starts moving. The smaller it is, the quicker you turn and vise-versa. Since turning is slow in this game, you should generally have a smaller deadzone, test around with it on Single Player.

Speed Settings: It’s a fact, without sprint, this game tends to be slower pace than previous games like CoD or MoH. Although it doesn’t make too much of a difference, you can increase your speed a few notches to help out.

Fix up all the other controls you may need to, remember this is why we are doing it offline, so you can be ready online when you need to.


So now that you’ve completed single player, let’s hop online and get started. Depending on what your rank currently is, you will be paired up with players of similar rank when you join a room (keep in mind if you see higher-ranks, it means they joined a lower-ranked friend). There are three modes to choose from when playing online.

Free for All: Every man for himself
Team Reaper: Essentially a Team-Deathmatch
Team Objective: In addition to killing the opposing team, there are objectives to be completed.

The absolute fastest way to gain experience in Conduit without any doubt in my opinion, is ASE Football (located in FFA). For every passing second you hold the ASE, you gain 1xp. You can gain 99+ xp per game you play. If you get a few kills as well, you may be up by a lot.

Keep in mind that when you get kill streaks, your xp will multiply for each kill. In ASE Football, I have gotten over 450xp by getting a major kill streak, and by holding the ASE for all 99 seconds. A good strategy you can use in ASE football to make the game go by quick is, circle the map as enemies are chasing you, while stocked up on flash grenades (can be taken from Trust weapon stock). Every time one gets near, just throw a grenade and it will give you precious time to escape while earning more xp.

A second fast way to earn xp is Capture the ASE (located in Team Objective). For every capture, you gain an instant 10xp. A lot of times, people ignore the ASE and just go for kills, this will give you the chance to get great xp and quick by getting captures. Not to mention, each capture and return you make is recorded onto your statistics located on the main menu in the ‘extras’ section.

A third fast way to get xp is to focus completely on getting kill streaks. This can be best done in either FFA or TR (team-reaper). While teammates are hurting the enemies, you can finish them off and count that kill towards your streak. If you get upwards of 15 kill streak, the xp will really start coming in fast. Revolve your strategies around the Flash Grenade, blinding all your enemies and quickly killing them. Be sure to continually stock up the flash grenades though.

Of course it takes some time to get used to, you WILL be able to get fast xp eventually. Everyone sucked when they picked up the game, and they only get better. If you think you suck, just keep playing. I thought I sucked at first, dying left and right, but now, I play very well and manage to get 1-2k xp every 2 hours. Just remain persistant and you can get the xp you need.


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