Diets Don’t work; Avoid the Diet Trap!

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Diet is now a 4 letter word.  Everybody agrees it’s lifestyle change that will help you lose weight however often, hidden in the guise of a lifestyle change is a diet.  How can you tell if you have fallen into the trap?  There are several ways you can determine if you are on a diet as opposed to making positive lifestyle changes towards a healthier and fitter you.

1.  There are rules.  If the diet says you must do this or do that, if you have to be stringent about the food choices you make then likely you are on a diet.  Flexible guidelines are ok, schedules and rigid rules are a sign that this is a diet.

2.  There are forbidden foods.  If certain foods are forbidden, or even entire food groups are forbidden temporarily or permanently then you are on a diet.

3.  You have to pay for it.  If there is a charge for the program it’s likely a diet.  If it’s non-profit or free it’s likely a lifestyle change.  The exception to this might be a charge from your Doctor or nutritionist for assistance. 

4.  If it  has a name, it’s likely a diet.  Lifestyle changes are simply changes you, individual you, make to your lifestyle.  It shouldn’t be named after anybody else.

5.  There are meal plans.  It’s nice to have suggestions as to what to make for dinner however if a diet plan tells you that you must have this food this day at this time, that’s a diet.

6.  It promises fast results.  If the program promises large amounts of weight loss in a short period of time, it’s a diet.  Lifestyle changes give you small, regular results, not only in weight but in your day to day life.  You feel better and you act better even if you don’t lose weight or the loss is small.

7.  It has side effects.  The only side effects you should have from a lifestyle change is the occasional muscle soreness from a new activity and and increased energy level. If you decide as part of your lifestyle changes to give up caffeine or some other addictive substances you may experience side effects from that.  Otherwise, lifestyle changes should have positive results.

8.  If the sole objectiv is to lose weight it’s a diet..  If you make true lifestyle changes, that will be permanent and sustainable over the long haul, and the motivation is health and wellness with weightloss as a bonus, then you are on the right track.

9.  It’s temporary.  If this is something you will do and can do only until the weight is lost then it’s a diet.  Lifestyle changes are permanent, sustainable for life and make you happy, not miserable.

10.  If deprivation is involved it’s a diet.  Lifestyle changes allow for the guilt free indulgence of snacks and treats and focus on moderation instead of deprivation. 

These are ten signs that you have fallen into a diet trap.  Diets do not work.  The only method of losing weight and maintaining that weight is to incorporate healthy moderate eating with increased fitness over time.  Long term health cannot be attained by dieting.  Seek free support, look at changing your personal eating habits, educate yourself on nutrition and activity and make the personal and sustainable lifestyle changes that work for you.  That is the secret to opimimum weight and health without dieting


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