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So what is the operating system (OS) of your cellphone? If you are using  Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia among others, chances are, Symbian is the OS of your phone. There are some smart phones with same brand that has a UIQ technology, these are phones usually with touch screen and PDA functionality.  The  fast growing Windows Mobile by Microsoft is now being used by Samsung’s high end smart phones. Then of course, there is the blackberry, iPhone and Palm OS.  Whatever OS your mobile phone is using, you can get or download application software for your phone from the Internet.

you may visit for applications like Google Maps, mobile dictionary, McAfee anti virus and some cool stuffs like DivX, anti-theft alarm, some media players for audio and video files, enhancement for pictures and camera, painting and drawing applications, file managers, Wayfinders, Mini Opera for your wap browser and many more.  You can also download from a wide selection of themes and wallpapers, ringtones and java games.  Just check if its a free ware or demo or you have to purchase online.  You may also check for more free downloadable goodies.  Just click the download button and save it to your computer, then transfer it to your mobile phone via usb cable or  via bluetooth. Free ware is absolutely free to download, but the demo is also free for a limited time, the product expires shortly after several sampling. You wll be given a choice whether to purchase the product online or not.

 How easy is that. Go and enhance your phone. Make it more fun and rewarding.

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