How to turn off your anti virus in windows xp.

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Very provoking when you want to install some softwares, your anti virus program sometime blogking you from installed and just make our mind go nut. In my experience before I know how to turn off the virus protection I always think that something wrong with my computer, not seldom I have to spend some money just to make think work.

Here how to turn off virus protection in windows XP.

step 1.

Go to start-settings-control panel and click security center.

step 2.

When windows security center pop up click change the way security center alerts me.

step 3.

Unchecked virus protection.

OK, now you free to install any softwares which always blocking you from installed. I hope you all can have benefit from what I expleint above, it very simple but I know if you don’t know how to doit thing can go totally nut.

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