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Are you a freelance writer who is looking for a good work at home opportunity?  Yes, then read on….

If you love to write, then it is time to turn your passion into personal and financial satisfaction.  If you are a passionate writer, then you know what I mean by personal satisfaction.  You love to write and you love the fact that people read your work.  Let’s take that a step further by sharing your knowledge and experience with many of readers and earn a small percentage.

There are so many companies that promise you high earnings to the point where your husband can quit his job and you can buy that dream villa in the Caribbean.  It is possible if you can sell and convince people to join a company and sell their product even if they don’t believe in it.  How many Stay at home moms or unemployed people have felt the need to give a home work opportunity a try but have only lost plenty of money with it.

I have personally tried selling herbs, legal insurance, more herbs, vacation plans.  I spent a lot of money.  Then I decided to stay away from all the hype and just focus on what was important to me.

I have always had a love for writing, and for unknown reasons I stumbled across the bukisa website.  I learned that I could not only gain writing experience for a bigger project in the future but to also earn money with it.  It is not a lot of money in the beginning. The key is to write quality articles that pass the google test.  The more you write, the higher your earning.  If you were a writer for a newspaper or fashion magazine, you wouldn’t just write one small article that maybe takes you one hour and have coffee the rest of the day.  You would dedicate 8 hours to writing.  The key is to really write about topics that interest people and use keywords that have high rankings with google.  The key here is high demand and low supply.  You can go into google adwords to check those statistics for several keywords.  When you write your article make sure that your major keyword is in your title and in the first 90 letters of your article.  Use your tags in your article as well and use additional words that you know or assume have high demands.  This will help your article to be seen on google and invite people to click on it.

Now to increase your earnings significantly, I recommend that you invite people with a passion to write.  These are people who would also be interested in having their work published.  If they are part of your network, you will also receive part of their earnings as a thank you from Bukisa.  And if they invite some of their writing friends, you are then able to still earn a small portion of their hard work.  A lot of work at home companies follow that model, except that it is a lot harder to build a network because you usually have to pay a fee to join, buy expensive products and make phone calls all day.

Writing for Bukisa is very simple.  Find the topics that interest you and that you are knowledgable about.  Research and write and invite your friends.

Don’t expect huge earnings right away.  Writing takes time.  It takes patience.  And if you are patient, then your work at home situation will change and you watch your earnings go up.

For all the work at home moms and anyone who needs some extra income, start writing quality content, share it with your friends and earn a honest income for your hard work.  And if you like to leverage that income, work on building a writing team.

And if you feel you need to improve your writing skills, there are several on-line creative classes available.  I personally have taken classes at the Institute of Childrens Literature.  That has really given me a different outlook on writing and how to improve my skills.

If you would like to give writing a try, Just copy and paste this link into the browser window.     You can learn more about Bukisa and find out if Bukisa is for you.


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