Anorexia and Advanced Massage Therapy

The picture on the thumbnail was of a model who suffered from Anorexia, who starved herself to death. Every year there are a significant amount of young girls suffering from this disorder. They feel the need to look like that model on that cover of the fashion magazine. They are no longer happy with themselves, emotionally as well as physically.

A friend of mine who was a sufferer once explained it to me in those exact words: Truth is that I was suffering from depression. I lacked self-esteem and confidence. I was unsure about myself and about my appearance and I was looking to compensate for it by choosing the unhealthy route of blocking important nutrition to the body and the brain. 

How can Massage Therapy help?

One of the major massage therapy benefits is relaxation. It stimulates the nervous system, thus reducing anxiety. The caring touch combined with the induced relaxation and the increased oxygen transport to the blood cells has been shown to lower depression and increase overall wellness. Massage Therapy is a wonderful natural form of therapy to accompany a treatment plan. 

Jin Shin Jyutsu , an ancient Japanese healing method has been known to help in many ways. Jin Shin Jytusu is healing on all levels. It affects our breathing pattern and can change our negative thinking pattern.

If you are suffering or know somebody that is suffering from this or other eating disorders, I encourage you to take your time and research say-no-to-Anorexia It was written by Kathy, who speaks from experience. This informational guide is an absolute must-read. It will open your eyes and help you make the right decision about your future and your health.

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