MJ’s funeral

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Several narcotics found in late King of Pop Michael Jacksons rented home in Los Angeles included powerful sedative Propofol, also known as Diprivan, according to a law enforcement source. used as part of inducing general anaesthesia in the operating room, and for heavy sedation of patients who are intubated in the intensive care unit. Cherilyn Lee, a nurse who worked for Jackson, has revealed that the singer begged her for the drug. Nurse said that just 4 days before his death, a member of Jackson’s staff called her, and that she could hear the singer in the background saying: “One side of my body is hot, it’s hot, and one side of my body is cold. It’s very cold.” “He wasn’t looking to get high or feel good and sedated from drugs. This was a person who was not on drugs. This was a person who was seeking help, desperately, to get some sleep, to get some rest,” Fox News quoted. police investigate the possible involvement of prescription drugs in Jackson’s death.

MJ’s former wife, Debbie Rowe says she is undecided over whether to fight for custody of their two children. Ms Rowe’s lawyer issued the statement after media reports that she had vowed to fight for custody of the two children she had with the late pop icon. At the time, MJ’s family has announced that a memorial service will be held next Tuesday in Los Angeles for the pop star. Some 11,000 free tickets will be made available for the event, which will be held in the city’s Staples Center Arena. Meanwhile footage of Jackson on stage two days before he died has been released. The film which was recorded on the 23rd of June shows him rehearsing a routine at the Staples Center for a series of UK comeback concerts which had been planned for this month.

Earlier speculation had the funeral being held everywhere from Neverland to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. “The family and I are very proud to see all of you come out here and help us with this whole situation because we know that we do have fans all over the world and we know that we’re loved all over the world”. “But one thing that I wish could have happened — I wish that Michael could be here to see all of this. (We) had to wait until something happened like this before it could be realized. Michael was a superstar … he was loved all over the world.”


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