The Best Time To Book Airline Tickets

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I fly pretty often and have done alot of comparision shopping for the best deals on flights. I plan on going to Gulfport Mississippi in January to see my son who is in the Navy.

I checked about a month ago to see what prices were going for and with what airline and the prices were pretty good. I have been checking back off and on to see how things were going price wise, no I still have not booked my flight yet.

Well today I decided to do a search and find out if there is a better day and time to book a flight and low and behold there is. Wednesday morning at 1 AM is the best time to find the lowest deals out there. Apparently the airlines dump the flight that were held but not booked and try to sell them at a cheaper price at this time. I do plan on waiting till Wednesday to see if this all works out. According to many articles I have read, this is the time to book.

I do have a preferece to Airlines but Jetblue does not fly into Biloxi/Gulfport so I will probably be flying another airline. I do wish that some of the smaller airlines would broaden the places they fly into, but for now I have to go where they go or else find another airline who does travel there.

There are a lot of places out there that also give good deals to book with them sidekick,kayak,travelosity,cheaptickets are just a few and I do shop around. I hope this helps those of you out there that are on a limited budget but need to take to the skies.


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