With Eyes Wide Shut

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Ya it happens more than not, when your life seems to be just gliding along. Just being too busy to really see whats happening behind the scenes. Then one day its like a light bulb goes off and you realize things have all changed right in front of you. Maybe its called with eyes wide shut, I am not sure but it happens.

Even with all my years as an adult I guess I assumed ( my first mistake) things would continue to glide along and be ok. Most things have but some have not. I cant say I am unhappy because I am really happy with my job, and my family seems to finally be getting there stuff together, but one section seemed to have moved along without me.

I don’t know if it can be rectified or not and I am not sure I want it to be, all I am sure of is that don’t ever close your eyes and think things will stay the same… because without attention things fade, change, and die.

Without lots of time spent on the things and people we care about, things fade and move on without us. Thats why we never should be too busy to spend time with those we love. We need to find the time and open our eyes to their needs, but sometimes we don’t.

Who knows maybe that’s the way the page was written in heaven… I guess we will never know who writes the scripts of our lives, or what is in store for us… but I do know some people come into our lives for a lifetime while others just stop for moment…


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