Money Is Everything…??

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Money can be defined as anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. It consists of coins or paper notes, or even in variety of colors. Every country named it differently such as Pound Sterling, Dollars, Yen, RM and so on but the functions are still remaining the same.

I dare to say that money is not everything but to get everything you definitely need money. And I know, perhaps some of you will disagree with me because you think that you are still happy even though you were broke. How about the one you love, are they agree with you? Is it OK with her if you’re not bringing flowers or buy a drink on your first date? Or standing at the bus stop to catch the bus just to see the movie with you?

In attempting to answer this seemingly depressing question, let’s look back from the first day you were born; your parents have to equip you with all the baby things. Then they have to work hard and sacrifice everything to pay for your education from school to college until you can stand on your own. You think they were doing these things for nothing? The answer is absolutely NO! Unless you were blind. It is the price they have to pay just to see your accomplishment and happiness as well as theirs.

Furthermore, you also need money even to do the simplest things in the world like to park your vehicles or wash your hand in the public toilet. The world is not the cruel place but nothing is free in this world, it is the reality of life, whether you like it or not. We can’t deny the connection between money and happiness. However, instead of happiness, people do need money to have freedom, power and security in life, in sense of fulfilling their self-esteem.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to have positive or healthy attitude towards money because its will be determined which side you are in – emotional and spiritual contentment or melancholia?


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