A Healing Meditation

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Are You Suffering from Stress or Pain?

If you are in need of help or are just feeling down or in pain somewhere in your body, then why not try this meditation. It will help the mind and will help you to relax the body and the soul. Believe in yourself that it will work.

Meditations are a good form of healing in all situations.  Meditation relaxes the mind and helps it to understand that pain can be forgotten once the mind has been trained to forget it by believing in the meditation that you are doing.

Here is a meditation that you can try if you are feeling stressed or in pain.

Sit in a comfortable position and breath in and out for one minute.

Then imagine a ball of light at the base of your feet. It hovers there for a few seconds and then starts to touch your feet. Imagine it being a warm feeling as it touches the feet and slowly moves upwards.

The light is moving up your body and it feels that this light is relaxing your muscles and your mind.

Now imagine that you see the areas of disease or pain in your body and that it looks like dark shadow, which is the unhealthy area.

You feel the light moving upwards until your entire body is filled with light and every muscle of your body is feeling relaxed.

Feel the light radiating from your eyes, the light is shining from your them.

Direct the light towards any area of the body that is giving you pain or discomfort and see it as a shadow on your body.

Send extra light to this area that is in pain or discomfort.

Imagine that the painful areas have dark shadows surrounding it.

See yourself shinning like a loving healing light to the painful areas, so that the darkness is removed. Feel it as a warm healing light touching the area of pain or hurt.

Imagine yourself saying the following words in your meditation. Say them with your mind, without speaking.

“I radiate my shining light to my body and fill my bodies with this warm healing light. I now radiate this healing light to the world. I begin to feel that this healing light is returning me to health and vitality. Perfect health is available to me now.”

Slowly, let the light beam around your body with warm feelings, then start to open your eyes and become aware of where you are and your surroundings. You may get up now and move around or you may sit for a while to see if you feel any better

Do this meditation every day if you feel ill and it will help to calm you peacefully.


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