How to Cheat the System

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Have you ever found yourself screaming in public at a lifeless slot machine, because you just can’t win a dang thing? So many people in the world are completely frustrated at these games in casinos are fed up with them!

Now as you may know, many foolish people will literally attempt to fraud the casino by bringing in fake dice to certain games or tapping into the actual system of the game. We all should know that 99% of these people are ridiculous and just unintelligent. You can use the trick I tell you to win ANY of these casino games without cheating!

There is a complex algorithm that machines use to determine the winner of a coin slot game, but all you have to be able to do is count in your head. That’s right, all it is is counting from around 1 to 15 in your head.

You don’t even have to risk losing money when you’re doing this trick, all you have to do is watch other people playing and count in your head knowing you are the genious behind this plot. You have so much power and so much money to gain with a simple technique that no one else knows! The companies that make these machines always use the same algorithm and can’t change it or the machine’s won’t be able to process correctly. Meaning, you can go to any casino in the world and fool any machine!

Now I will release my trick to you, and you shall be above all of those filthy cheaters. What you have to do is find someone who looks like they will be playing the game for a little while longer. Once you have spotted your guy/girl, either sit down next to them and make nice conversation or wait off to the side while they’re playing. As the person plays watch their winnings.

You will notice that every once in a while the player will win a few coins. Now a few may not seem like many, but it adds up to thousands of dollars as the time passes. When the player wins that is your time to start watching. Count how many times the person loses inbetween their wins. You will notice that their are two alterating numbers. for example. A man will sit down and lose 5 times, then he will win on the 6th. Then he will lose seven more times and win the 8th. Now you know the algorithm. Wasn’t that simple?

Now that you know when the man is going to win, wait one turn before he wins. When it is time for his winnings, tap him on the shoulder and make an exuse like, “The man at the bar says you forgot your ID at the counter” or you could say something along the lines of , “Hey, I’ll give you a dollar if you let me play just one time on this slot machine. It’s my lucky machine, sorry for bothering, but please just once.” That should do it. Once you have the guy off, just… Play, Win, and Leave. You’ve won, now stand up and find another contestant to try this trick on.

Oh, one more thing… The way slot machines are coded are by the objects that are spinning. You know, like cherries, a big 7, or crowns? There are a few slot machines like this, but if you are playing on this kind you MUST know this. If the slot maching has all fruit on it’s spinners then there are THREE numbers you must remember. You know the number of losses between two winnings… Now just do that same thing, but remember it three times. I will give you an example to make sure you understand. A woman sits down at an all fruit slot machine with cherries, grapes, oranges, and all sorts of other fruits, and begins to play. You spot her win and begin to count… 3 Lose, 1 Win, 9 Lose, 1 Win, 1 Lose, 1 Win. That’s all you need to remember and if you have to you can write it down but it’s quite simple if you just think of it like this… 3L,9L,1L. (If someone ever wins twice, still only count the losses, they could win 500x in a row, but it would still be 3L,9L,1L before you could be SURE that you would win again.)

Now that you know the secret to slot machines and can outwit all of those cheaters… go win some insane amounts of money!


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