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Worldwide news about the dangers of climate change and even higher prices at the gasoline pump have made American consumers more aware of the cost and consequences of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. The green movement is taking hold in every consumer good category. In the future, consumers may check you’re “GREEN” rating much like they look at calorie counts today. Sensitivity to the environment in fine jewelry is an outgrowth of spiritual inspired green jewelry. Green ORO very soon will be starting its Spiritual Green Collection. Green ORO offers huge selection of conflict free jewelry of any shape and size. We welcome you to email or give us a call at 713-789-7977 to inquire about your desired conflict free diamond. Our conflict free diamonds are GIA, EGL & AGS certified and you will get a proper certificate with the purchase of any conflict free diamond. As a prime manufacturer of green jewelry, you don’t have to wait long time for your custom orders; you can save a lot of money by buying direct from the green jewelry wholesaler / source. Please compare our green jewelry designs and prices of our green jewelry pieces with green jewelry websites and retailers on the internet. You will find our prices quite reasonable compare to all other green jewelry websites. Green ORO can do any custom design that your heart desire simply send us a picture or draw a design and email it to us. Green ORO is based on the concept that recycling gold into new pieces allows us to enjoy beautifully crafted gold jewelry while remaining eco-friendly by preventing the mining of new gold ore. Green ORO currently is the leading manufacturer of recycled jewelry and supplies to major eco jewelry vendors across the country.


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