Thanksgiving Soldier

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Written for a friend of mine fighting the war in Iraq.

I have a friend who I want to write about. He is 23 years old and hasnt even begun to live his life. He has duel citizenship but has since he was 19 years old decided to fight for this country. He has spent 26 months in Iraq already,came home in august and is shipping out again for Iraq in a few days. He volenteered for this mission…..To protect americans, to make sure we have our freedom and noone takes that away from us. He has and will again risk his life for something he strongly believes in.

His family is upset with him, his friends dont seem to understand, he is a soldier and thats what he knows and wants to be a part of. He wants to serve and protect….US!

Life as a regular citizen has not been easy for him. I guess after you have bullets flying over your head, and you must kill people, it affects you in ways most dont understand unless they themselves went through it.

To me this young man who has not even begun to live his life is a brave, loving , careing man who is no longer a baby he is a man. His innocents has been taken from him to make all of our lives better.

He keeps telling me he will come home…..I pray that happens because if he doesnt to me it will be such a loss for all of us, but this is something he believes in and being his friend I will stand beside his decisions. I will write to him, I will count the days with him, I will listen to him,I will be here if he needs me. I will wait for his safe return.

This holiday that is coming on Thursday is called THANKSGIVING…..well this thanksgiving my thanks are going out to him, and all the other young men and woman who will be overseas and not with there families on this holiday. I am thankful we are friends, Iam thankful that he touched my life , and my heart, and Iam thankful that there are people like him to care enough about all of us to risk there lives for us.

Americans piss me off……they are predgudice of other colors, races, and other cultures, and they have no clue what they are talking about. Here is a boy who wasnt born here but came here and made it his home, and now is willing to fight and die for people that cannot stand his native country. To me this is messed up, but Iam proud of him, Iam thankful for him, I will pray for him, and I will wait patiently for the day of his safe return……

Alex I want to say Thank you for being a proud, brave, loving, careing soldier, and friend…..Be safe my precious angel…..Iam thankful for you!


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