The Wrestler (Simple but Powerfully emotional)

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At first glance “The Wrestler” would not have been my first choice of an afternoon movie to see. Especially since I’m not the greatest fan of Mickey Rourke even though he does well in an action film. There were just too many good reviews on this movie for me to wait so I got it on pay per view.

The movie is actually a simple plot with Micky Rourke playing Randy “The Ram” Robinson who is an old celebrity in the boxing world but now struggling to stay in his chosen career.

He meets a girl at a strip joint maned Pam Cassidy (Marisa Tomaei) and then proceeds to patch things up with his daughter. It seems he has neglected his daughter with broken promises while at the height of his career as The Ram.

Along the way he has a heart attack after one of his fights and the doctor tells him that he cannot take any more steroids or wrestle. I want to interject here that this movie portrays wrestling very closely to what it really is or as it was in those days. None of the excessive flamboyance and hype like we have today.

As you can imagine he goes back to wrestling in the end but the movie leaves us a little in the dark so I’ll leave you that way too. I will say that I got to see what all the fuss was about. It doesn’t take a complicated plot to make a good movie. Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomeias were the perfect pick for this movie and their performances were outstanding beyond expectations.

This movie won three Golden Globe Awards and thirteen other various awards. I can definitely see why and you will too when you see this movie.


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