Upcoming MMA Prospect Jon Jones

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One of the more interesting fighters in the UFC is upcoming mma prospect Jon Jones. The man opened eyes with his last fight against Stephan Bonnar where he showed a variety of unorthodox throws and strikes. Today I want to talk about the things that he brings to the cage and why people are saying this man could be a future champion.

So what exactly does upcoming mma prospect Jon Jones bring to the mat that seperates him from the pack? Well for starters he has a freakist 84.5 inch reach advantage which is unheard of at heavyweight let alone at the lightheavyweight. He probably will have at least a 6-8 inch reach advantage over every fighter in the UFC at that weight class.

At just 21 years old upcoming mma prospect Jon Jones couples that amazing reach with a college wrestling background to make him a very dangerous opponent. Imagine in a few years when he gets some experience under his belt. He is fighting Jake O’Brien on the undercard at UFC 100 and that is a deceptive fight for Jon Jones. Jake O’Brien was a heavyweight that has dropped weight to compete at 205 and he has a very good wrestling background. I don’t know much the fights early in his career but Jake O’Brien will be one of his first opponents that has more strength and wrestling ability. He could take this fight to the ground and make him fight to try and win a decision.

If upcoming mma prospect Jon Jones happens to get past Jake O’Brien I wonder what fights could be in his future. Perhaps a fight against someone like Steve Cantwell would make sense for both fighters. Either way the future is very bright for upcoming mma prospect Jon Jones.


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