How to Start an Internet Business

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In this millennium era, many people mind to start an internet business all by themselves. But, the problem is, they are wondering on how to start it properly. They are a little bit different between online business and offline business. Internet Business does not need us to confront with the customer to do trading process. However, it permanent business concept are same just like interested customer will make the order and payment, then the item that they stated will send to them via postage.

All right, fundamentally, internet business falls into four, namely:

1) Product / Service

As you know, product can be divided into two such as physical product and digital product. The examples of physical product type are shoes, hand phone, vase, book, watches and clothes. The examples of digital product type are eBooks, software, CD / DVD’s and many more.

Besides, service is one service that prepared according to customer needed. For instance, build garden web, blog, wrote the article, typing, translate and others.

2) Website

An attractive and informative website or web is very important to attract customers as it aim to display your product or service provided. This website or web can be built on your own using WordPress and Blogspot; or you can hire other person to construct it for based on what you need it will be.

3) Ability Getting Paid

This point is absolutely important because if it not exists, how you are going to get profit, right? Usually, after the customers visit your attractive and informative website or web, they will intrigue with your product. Then, they will state the product and make payment to you. The payment can be done by any method such as:

– Credit Card

If your customer likes to use credit card to pay off, then you need the ‘Merchant Account’. A merchant account is a contract under which an acquiring banking extends a line of credit to a merchant, who wishes to accept payment card transactions of a particular card association brand. Without such a contract, one cannot accept payments by any of the major credit card types. You will get your payment right after the transaction done.

-Online’s Service Banking

If you do not have the merchant account, do not worry! You still may conduct internet business on your own. Customer can still ‘bank in’ on to your account through ‘online banking’.

-Cheque And Money Post

Other than that, you can also receive payments by cheque through or even post money. In this method, customers will go to the post office to settle down the payment as soon as possible.

4) Promotion

This promotion is also very important because of you have to reveal your business to the public. If you do not announce your website the public, they will never know the existence of the website and product that you want to sell.

These means is to promote your garden web and further your product. Here, I will explain on how to do the exchange link among your partnership. It is so easy; first, you must to find many businessmen whose sell the products ‘similar’ with your own product and it must be in the same industry. Only then, you can share your website or web link.

For example: You sell clothes online, the others have been entrepreneurs sell weave clothes by online. So, you can exchange the link by promoting weave clothes on your website and he/she will promote your product in his/her website. You can exchange link with people that has the same niche with you for a better result.


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