Was the California Supreme Court right in legalizing gay marriage?

Was the California Supreme Court right in legalizing gay marriage?

With due respect to the Supreme Court of California, it is humbly submitted that the court has committed a grave error in legalizing gay marriage. In the name of liberty or human right the Hon’ble Supreme Court of California has been very liberal and has gone too far in pronouncing such a strange decision. Even one cannot justify it in the name of culture.

Man has come a long way to the present stage of civilization especially in regulating the personal life of human beings. It culminated in the evolution of marriage as an institution of personal and social relationship. The marriage as it evolved was between a man and a woman. It was quite natural. It was destined to be so and God had created only a man and a woman called Adam and Eve, for a sexual union and to live together. God had not created two Gays and destined them to have sexual union and live.

In other words we can say that the legalization of gay marriage is unnatural and against the wishes of God. When we proceed to analyze how the gay marriage was evolved, perhaps out of a sexual offence committed between two gays or through pornography. Out of a perverted thinking of two strange human beings who found pleasure or reveled in gay relationship. It need not be elaborately explained that in a gay marriage though there may exist love and affection between the married gays, perhaps evolved out of a deep friendship, there is no scope for a sexual union in a natural way.

Though one may argue that in a gay marriage there is no unnecessary burden of pregnancy, childbirth etc on any of the married gay. Hence, there is no scope for begetting the offspring and for getting a child the gay couple has to resort to only adoption. In other words, the net result of a gay marriage or gay relationship is rather sensuous, without any purpose or direction in life.

The ultimate objective of legalizing the gay marriage is nothing, except recognizing and legalizing the sexual relationship that exists between two gays, in the name of recognizing their human rights and liberty. It may embolden the offenders of pornography further and they may even try some other unnatural sexual offences. There may even arize a demand that pornography should be legalized.

In future, a gay or a girl, by going a step further may want to get legalized even unnatural sexual offences. He or she may want to marry his or her own pet animal. If gay marriage is legalized, why don’t we recognize a marriage between a gay and his pet animal or a girl and her pet animal?

Therefore it may be safely concluded that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of California by legalizing the gay marriage has committed a grave error, without deeply analyzing or recognizing the evolution of marriage as a sacred institution, its purpose and its ultimate legal implications. In other words the recognition of gay marriage is a retrograde step in the advancement of human civilization without any legal purpose or objective. On the other hand, gay marriage may embolden other most unnatural sexual offenders.

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