How to make a relationship last!

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So if your a guy and looking at this, you and your girl is probably giving you some static. Well, I’m here to help you keep your cool and make the relationship stay strong.

First thing you want to do is listen to her.  Don’t try and tell her that she wrong and your right cause the way women function makes think they’re always right. Yeah, you may have to swallow your pride, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Second thing you can do is just tell her she’s right and you were wrong. It may not work the first couple times but once she gets it, tell her it wont happen again. More than likely it will, but thats a differnt subject.

Third is a situation. If she sees/catches you with another girl. First, convince her that you weren’t gonna do anything, even if you were, but if she saw you doing something you cant use that and your pretty much screwed. But if she didnt, you’re still in buisness. First take her to the side and try to tell her that shes an old friend. Use little nicknames like babe, baby, sweetie, etc….. Then once she gives you that “look” like it looks like shes gonna forive you, kiss her. Kissing her will be the icing on the cake. But after you gotta promise her that it wont happen again. With this one it cant happen again, or you’ll single.

I hope this helped a little for everyone. If not, I’m sorry.


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