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Designing a website is far simpler than what you think. You can have a site up and running in less than a day and it will look great. The easiest way to design a website is to program it in HTML language, you do not need any qualification to do so. First of all you have to get an open source program (for free) where you will be able to start designing your website. The one I like most is NVU, you can download it here:
Or you can also search google for NVU + download. Once you installed this program, you will need to download a template, a template is a web design, that you will then fill with your own content. You can download tons of templates here:
Or you can also search in google, “Free templates”. Once you have choose the template you like, you have to open NVU, and in there you go to File, open file, and you open the template you downloaded. 
Now that you have the template opened in NVU, everything works as if it was a text processor. You can easily start writing all the content you want. You also have a tab where you can see the HTML code being generated, and there you can add all the codes you would like, for example, de google adsense code, with this you will be able to start earning money through your website. The design of the website, from now on, is not difficult at all, if you get stuck at any point, you can check the help section of the program or you can also check google for answers. 
Once you finish the website design, you are going to need a hosting service, a domain, and a program to upload all your files. You can get everything for free, and quality service indeed. For free web hosting, the best service available is
For a free domain, you can a get a domain for free in here:
Finally, for uploading all your files to your hosting service, you can use Filezilla, and you can download it right here:


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