Halo 3/COD4 Which takes more skill?

 As an xbox live finatic since the coming of halo 2 and the regular xbox i’ve always personally been a fan of Halo. Playing constantly and bashing other FPS (first person shooter) such as the call of duty series. Though don’t get me wrong, i’ve since looked into call of duty and completely changed my outlook.

Halo 3, the newest halo to have been released is, in my opinion considerably less popular than it’s predecessor. Though, millions of people still play it daily. It’s an FPS based on the future of earth, and you’re a spartan which is basically a beefed up human in a supersuite, kind of like the coming GIJO film. Though if you have read the books, the spartans have had many different things done to alter their bodies. Such as, steroids, vision enhancement, and an overall endurance increase.

COD4 (Call of duty 4) is the most popular Call of Duty out thus far, though World of War is out as well. It’s more realistic, and requires a lot more passive person to be skilled, since camping/hiding are key to victory. I’m not as knowledgable on this game as I am on Halo, so i’m just going to cut to the chase, and argue my points as to why Halo 3 takes much more skill.

Having played both games a considerable amount, if you haven’t noticed it yet i’m definitely biased torwards Halo 3. It in my opinion takes much more skill and overall player ability to be good at this game than at Call of Duty. This is because of the set up, in Halo you have shields and the overall character control is much more important. Where as in Call of Duty you can be really good at the game as long as you know the map you’re playing on and have the ability to sit and watch one area, while knowing where your team mates are. So, basically Call of Duty is mostly whoever sees who first gets the kill. Where as on Halo 3, if someone who isn’t as skilled as myself for example begins to shoot me in the back, I have the ability to turn around and kill them before they can finish killing me. That’s all I have to say about that, at least my opinion is voiced now 😛

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