How To Have Time For Everything

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1) Attitude. Positive thinking. Be sure you are getting a good nights sleep and start fresh each day. Meditate. Pamper yourself. Make yourself number one. If you feel good about yourself your life will reflect that. If you treat people around you with respect and consideration it will all come back to you. Hang around with people that have good morals, respect for others and a good head on their shoulders. A healthy diet and plenty of water will give you the energy you need.

2) Prioritize. Make your days special. Some things just have to wait. Others had better be done now. Deadlines, family emergencies, unexpected responsibilities will always come along. Don’t stress. Meditate. If your life is such that you don’t even have time for a deep breath occasionally you need to regroup. Even if you ‘like to keep busy’.

3) Organize. Clear thinking and good cognitive skill will get you there faster and in better control of the situation giving you more time. A frequently updated TO DO list will help you be more organized. Carry a note pad with you at all times. Organize your thoughts as well as your time. Meditation will help you with that. At the end of the day revisit things that need to be addressed the next day and be sure they are on your list.

4) Goals. Life is short. Set your goals accordingly. Remember there is only 24 hours in a day. Your passion is where your goals should be. Set your goals with a insight into what you need, not anyone else. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Achievements are important but not so much that you end up in therapy.

5) Commitment. Commit to something you have passion about. If you don’t love what you are doing- Don’t do it! What is the reasoning behind what you are doing? Know what is expected of you. Are you over doing it? And remember: Life is what you make it. Commit to those things that make you happy not to things you just feel need to be done.


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