Earn money for uploading files!

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Earn money uploading files – another great way to earn money online. Here you upload file and you earn money for each download you receive. Anyway you can’t earn by getting few downloads, you must get thousands or more!! It’s not that tough, since internet is medium for communication and since there are lots of social networking websites and forums out there you can make us of them to get hundreds of downloads on each file and generate thousands of downloads daily. All you have to do is to create some files for uploading. So before starting let me share some tricks to maximize earnings in a legal way!

Create Video Tutorials: Are you an Adobe Photoshop expert? Then you can earn good downloads by uploading some cool video tutorials of your own (Best screen capturing software for screen recording is Camtasia Studio. You can also download some freeware applications from Download.com).

Creating Wallpapers/icons/logos: Another thing you can do is to create some useful graphic files like Wallpapers, icons, logos etc. This files have high demand and you can get tons of downloads using these stuffs. Note that when you’re uploading file it’s more than 10MB, because some websites don’t pay for files below 10MB (and some 5MB). To increase the size you may have to upload more than one file, so you may put all of them to a folder and then compress it to a .rar or .zip file and then upload. Many websites which helps you to earn by uploading files pays you more for bigger files.

Create your own applications: Do you create software? Or do you create some cell phone Java games. Then why not upload them to these websites and earn something from this. Anyway you may have to create some extremely useful software to get some downloads on it, for this you may have to work a lot, and your earnings may not be worth it.

Write eBooks: If you have a blog you can put write eBooks and create links to the file from your blog. Also you can share links on other websites. Try write eBooks on most discussed topics online. Also you should add pictures to your eBook to make it bigger in its size.

Some recommended websites are Uploading.com, Hotfile.com, Uploadbox.com, Ziddu.com. The earnings are based on 1000 downloads on your files. These websites are good for earning by uploading files.
Earning possibilities are unlimited. Why not upload your holiday videos to these types of websites and send the links to your relatives and friends, rather than attaching it to your email! This can earn something, attaching just eats your time!


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