How to Use Yahoo Web Hosting

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You can get a Yahoo domain registration and use all the tools they provide to help make starting your website a breeze. Your viewers or customers will have full confidence in the integrity of your site when they see Yahoo is the web host.

There are millions of people from all over the world that use the internet every day. There is no better forum than the internet to get your message to that many people. Internet advertising is the most cost effective method of mass marketing. Choosing a domain provider does not have to be a challenge. You want to use a trusted and proven web hosting company that won’t break the bank to use and that has resources to help you build your website so it looks professional and actually works. Few things will drive a potential internet customer away faster than a poorly designed website that has broken links or a down domain host. My experience is that Yahoo Web Hosting is one of the best domain hosts available.

One of your primary concerns with choosing a web hosting service is cost. Yahoo Web Hosting is very affordable and comparable to it’s competitors. Yahoo usually runs special deals to attract new customers, so this is something you want to take advantage of. For example, they may be running a special to wave the $25 setup charge or offering the first month of web hosting service for free. You will have several options to choose from when deciding how long you want to use the domain name from Yahoo. For example, you may sign up for a one year contract for $9.95 per month or if you just want to “test the water” you can sign up for a three month contract for $11.95 per month. That is not a lot of money for the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers! You can pay these fees with PayPal or a major credit card.

Another concern you may have after getting your Yahoo domain name is actually creating your web page. Yahoo offers lots of free tools to help you set up an eye catching, professional web page. You don’t have to download anything, you can build your entire site online and use a step by step wizard so practically anyone can do it. They also have existing templates for hundreds of businesses that you can customize for your business. You can utilize Yahoo Maps to give driving directions to your store. Your page can have image galleries and embedded videos. They also offer 24 hour toll-free phone support so if you do have questions help is just a dial away.

Now that you have purchased your Yahoo domain name and set up your website you want to know you can count on Yahoo Web Hosting to keep the site up. Yahoo promises up time of 99.9% and data is backed up in different parts of the country each day. This is important, let’s say there is a hurricane in Florida and it wipes out a Yahoo data storage center. It won’t be a disaster for you because your data was also backed up in Phoenix, Arizona and Baltimore, MD.

Another benefit of using Yahoo Web Hosting is unlimited disk space, which allows you to build as many web pages as you want. There are no caps on how many visits your site can have either, meaning you get unlimited data transfer. Pretend your Yahoo domain name is You can have up to one thousand business email addresses like and unlimited email storage. You are getting a lot of bang for the buck by using Yahoo Web Hosting. Go ahead and do some comparison shopping with other web hosting companies but i bet you will end up back at Yahoo.


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