Carte Blance of Celebrity: Michael Jackson

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The rumours began in the late 1970s, and got louder in the early 80s.  People questioned Michael Jackson’s sexuality, or lack thereof.

He began to be seen with young beautiful white women, and had a close friendship with Diana Ross. Many dismissed his ‘dating’ of young beautiful white women as a distraction, a beard.

A few black voices  took umbrage at the ‘white’ dating.

As soon as someone mentioned anything to do with ‘white’ , Michael Jackson would throw money at a black cause, or be seen at some Black function.

As soon as questions about his sexuality, or lack thereof, restarted, Michael would be seen with young beautiful…(you know the drill).

By the late 80s, Michael Jackson’s music was secondary to Michael Jackson’s  ‘wackiness’, and his name was more often seen in relation to some craziness than a concert or album.

The sexual innuendos became much louder by the 90s, and it seemed pretty clear that he was a pederast; especially when he paid Twenty Million Dollars to have a criminal case against him dropped. The sum is rather culpatory; it is likely had the family proceeded with the case, this figure would have been awarded.  Had the case been weak, had Jackson merely wanted to avoid the annoyance of it, the sum would be much lower.

Jackson’s stories of abuse or having no childhood fell flat among the poor; he was not out collecting firewood at six, carrying water at seven, and cooking over a fire at eight as do millions of Third World children. He was not forced into a sweat shop in India, reduced to slavery in Cote d’Ivoire, nor being a child soldier in Liberia.

His father made him perform….gee…what a torture.

His marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was seen by many as another ‘beard’.  Marry this woman so that people think he is a man.  The questions didn’t really fade, they waited until it was clear that something was wrong with this relationship.

His marriage to Debbie Rowe and her bearing of white children proved Michael had no contribution in their procreation. His claims that it was vitiligo which had whitened his skin would not work on his progeny.  And the fact that Michael Jackson did not see himself or want to be black was again met with tossing money at Black causes, and associations with Black leaders.

All as real as his marriages.

His whiteness, his plastic surgeries, his behaviour and continued relationships with young boys could not be obliterated. On a BBC Special his relationship with a young boy was blasted  into living rooms around the world, and the subsequent law suit was predictable.

Michael Jackson was found not guilty because he was Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson can do anything.  He is a celebrity.  Basic laws do not apply.

Had your neighbor had little boys visiting him, the police would have him in a cell within the hour of the first 911. Had the average black man shown such a fetish for whiteness, he’d be run into a psychiatrist’s office.

But he is Michael Jackson; so his talent, his charitable contributions obliterate the sordid facts. Now that he is dead, now that the Great Circus is about to begin, sentiments as expressed in this essay will be reviled.  At least for the next year. Then the little bits and pieces will begin to pop up as warts and boils.  And the public, when the hysteria subsides, will have to recognise that they have worshiped a pederast. Yes one who could sing and dance and was born a very cute black man.  But a pederast..


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