Does It Pay To Write Online?

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Everyone has his own experience of working online and this experience is different for different people. Some I have come across who claim that they make a fortune every month while others think that there is no money online, just a hoax.

To be honest I think it is more of luck than any other thing. I started my online career less than a year ago and I find myself on the path. But still far from achieving what I imagine. To be honest this work is really painstaking, frustrating and demanding. Everyday there is something newer than yesterday and the priority keeps changing by the hour.

The ads that we all see around regarding be your own boss and work from home etcetera usually aren’t hoax but the fact is that just to stay afloat you have to work harder than a regular job. There are sites that lets you make money around by writing what you wish and pay you for that, like which pays people in India and which pays internationally. But there is a lot more than writing and waiting to freelancing.

Those who are just starting in this field should understand that there is a lot of cutthroat competition and the stakes are very high. But they are not always visible. Best is to keep working and keep working hard, because there is no shortcut to hard work. An average entrepreneur sits in front of his PC or laptop for over 12 to 14 hours a day. He puts his social life and mental health at stake for a reward which comes around to your expectations very slowly and even sometimes doesn’t come around at all. I am not trying to scare you away but these are hard facts which you have to know.


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