Numerology-Are you born on 1st/ 10th/19th/28th? Then this blog is for you

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You are a born leader. Your life is governed by the planet Sun. You are of average height, having long hands, beautiful forehead and attractive eyes. The way you look is so magnetic. Your eye brows are like a beautiful bow. You have Strong teeth. You look prominent and unique like a lion among all other animals in a jungle. You may have to control over your food habits when you get old. You will not have digestive problems, but may have liver and heart problems.

You are brave and enthusiastic; you have firm thoughts and actions. You have your ego. You will not compromise. You will not compromise your aims and targets for anything or any body. No body can have control over them. If some one wants to dominate you, he/she will miserably fail; moreover she/he will soon be under the control of you. Though many people may not like your ego and your tough attitude they will respect you. You love to lead.

You are Independent, with an inclination to talk less, yet deep thought and humor in it. You won’t have secrets, and are good hearted. You will move with all with respect and love.

You love helping others. You will voluntarily go and help others.
You can not keep secrets and are open and outright with your opinions about others. You will frankly say what’s in your mind. Hence you will earn the enmity of some people.

You are sharp witted. You are a capable and fast learner and will absorb knowledge on any subject easily and quickly and will become an expert in that line. You will learn in depth, not just scratch the surface. You want to be thorough in whatever you learn. You will think that there is nothing that you don’t know. You seem to be like a mobile encyclopedia.

You don’t like cheating others and obviously you hate cheaters. You will ignore them and will strongly condemn them. You will never confide your problems in others. However, if somebody understands your problems and help you, then you will certainly be grateful to him/her all your life.

You enjoy nature and solitude. You love being alone. You realize and value the importance of time, so will never waste it. You have faith in God but not in luck. You always believe in hard work. Your financial status will be uniform, though not fully self sufficient, always a little deficit. Though you earn reasonably well you tend to spend a little more than your income. You can earn respect and fame more than money. You may struggle to earn big money. However, in the later part of your life you will earn a steady and good income, you will be able to save and be free from financial Commitments.

You may be in an important and powerful position, mostly in Govt. administration, or related fields. Or you may be a head in charities. Or you may be a union leader.

Your married life may not be perfect. There will be frequent quarrels in the married life. Small problems can turn into becoming big ones. You will mostly have a late marriage. It is not good to marry those who are born in No 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th…If you marry these people there will be more quarrels and misunderstandings, with less peace and happiness. Those who are born on 28th July, 1st, 10th, and 19th of August are very lucky. They will live with more fortunes, name and fame than other No 1 people. Your Lucky colors are yellow and gold. 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20, 28, 29 are lucky days. If you start a business or any new project on these days you will succeed in it. Lucky months are July and August. Lucky ages are 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73 and 82.You can expect to have good happenings during these periods. You will experience unforgettable incidents at these ages. The dates 8, 17 and 26 are not favorable. Any new attempts made on these dates will bring failures or will delay success.

Your favorite direction is east. If your home and offices are located in the east it will bring great luck to you. Your journeys towards east would bring success mostly. Ruby is your lucky gemstone.



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