Priceless Coins!

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Recently, when my son came from Coimbatore, he just threw his money purse in the shelf. Two 25 paise coins spilled out of the purse as they were small in size, but the coins were still looking new and shining.Being passionate, I took them (stole?) and kept them in my purse.

Today being Sunday, I went to the market to have some vegetables and a milk pocket.At first I went to purchase the milk in a milk parlour. A 500 ml milk pocket was sold for Rs 10.50.I gave Rs 10.00.

‘Sir, you have to give 50 paise more’

When I took my purse, those two 25 paise coins swiftly peeped out of my purse. I was rather reluctant to part with them. But, I had no change. Apart from those coins, I had only one 2 Rupee coin. Hence, I offered those 25 paise coins.

‘Sir, give me 0.50 paise .Don’t you know these 25 paise coins have no value?’

I was shocked .But I was not in a mood to compromise.

‘I think our government has not made any such announcement.’

‘No, No sir, they are no longer in use. Hence, we don’t entertain such conis.’

‘On whose authority you have taken such decisions, when the government has not made any such specific announcements?’

The sales man smiled at me.

‘Sir, about a year ago, we took such a decision.’

‘What? How can you take such a decision for yourself?’

‘Sir, when you cannot purchase anything for its value, then what is the use of circulating them?’


‘Sir, in fact, we took such a decision when a VIP visited our milk parlour a year ago’

‘I can’t follow you.’

‘We had plenty of such coins, but when we offered them to him, he simply refused them. It was he who strictly adviced us not to use 25 paise coins thereafter.’

‘May I know his name?’

‘Mr.Beggar!’ the salesman was trying his best to control his laughter.


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