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hi Guys!!

Today am going to share with you about a new site i stumbled upon in web. Its a site called myLot which pays you to do very easy and the most common things which you always do in web. It pays you when you comment on a discussion,start a new discussion,tasking,upload photos. Could there be any other easy way to make money?

Its free to sign up in myLot and everyone of 16 years or older can create an can discuss or start a topic on anything that intrests you. You can also upload your own photos on any topic and earn for it.There is also a seperate section for tasking, you can either submit a task or do a task and get paid when the task is finished.

Along with the earnings program mentioned above, you’re compensated for each and every new user that you refer to myLot who participates,you will also get a 25% on each of your referral’s earnings.The minimum payout is $10, you also have an option to hold up to $25, $50 or $100.The payments will be made via paypall in US dollors.See its so easy…What are you waiting for?join this site quickly.You get paid to have fun here.


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