Visit Chicago on the Cheap!

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Step 1:

Book your hotel.

Hotels in Chicago can range from $30/night all the way in to the thousands. If touring the city, I recommend staying in “The Loop” (Chicago’s hip downtown district). Hotels by the airportsare much cheaper, but are at least 30 minutes away from downtown.

Try sites like:

Step 2:

Arrange travel to Chicago. I would strongly recommend NOT driving to Chicago. Getting around Chicago’s busy streets is extremely difficult, and costly to park. Hotel parking is typically $60/night, $20/hr at most museums. Once you make it into the city, leave the driving up to Chicago’s public transportation system. It’s cheap, safe, and on time.

Transportation to Chicago by bus: Try Mega Bus. If you are traveling within the midwest, tickets generally range from $1 to $25 one way.

Transportation to Chicago by air: Airfare Watchdog is a really good site that finds the cheapest flights to select cities. I recently booked a round trip flight from St. Louis to Chicago for $98 using Airfare Watchdog.

Step 3:

Buy a CTA pass.

A CTA pass is issued from the Chicago Transit Authority and allows you to ride any of Chicago’s bus’s or train’s as many times as you would like. The Chicago Transit system works very well, and drops you off within blocks of your destination.

Current rate for a 3 day pass is $14.

Step 4:

Buy a Chicago CityPass. The Chicago CityPass is a booklet that includes tickets to:

*Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum:
*The Field Museum:
*Shedd Aquarium:
*Museum of Science and Industry:
*The Hancock Observatory:
*Sears Tower Skydeck:

A CityPass costs $69 for adults and $59 for kids. The CityPass will save you around $60 per person. or 888-330-5008


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