How to Determine Your Management Style


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What kind of boss are you? Research has proven that your management or your workplace leadership style is influenced by your previous boss. Your experience with your former manager can influence your leadership style (if you are already promoted as manager) on a positive or negative way. According to studies, a worker who experienced “massive slavery” from his former manager has a 63% chance of doing the same to his future subordinates. However, the remaining 37% will likely do the opposite because they do not want their future staff to experience that same nightmare.

If you’ve been jumping from one company to another and have worked with more than one manager, the following are your guides in determining which manager who will likely influence your future management style:

  • Boss that you considered the most evil.
  • Boss that you considered the nicest
  • Boss that worked with you the longest time.
  • Your most recent boss
  • Boss that you fell in love with.
  • Boss that treated you like a master’s slave.
  • Boss that stole your creative ideas and get sole credit for it.
  • Boss that recognized and appreciated your ideas but never recommended you for   promotion.
  • Boss that knows that you have a low salary but never gave you salary adjustment.
  • Boss that you considered stupid.
  • Boss that is weak
  • Boss that is hardworking and intelligent

Have you ever experienced working with any of these managers? If yes, try comparing it with your current management style… do you have any manifestations of these qualities?

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