How Tall Is President Barack Obama?

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Every single day people hit the search engines to trying to find answers to various questions. One of the things that people search for on a daily basis the answer to the question how tall is President Barack Obama? The Command in Chief of the United States has become one of the more popular presidents in recent history for several reasons. Today in this article we are gonna take a look at the man and try to answer the question.

If you have seen the couple up in front of the media then you’re probably well aware that both our leader and the first lady are considerably tall in comparison to others in most situations. So exactly how tall is President Barack Obama? Well most of the sources indicate that he is in the 6’1 and 6’2 range which is slightly taller than the average man.

How tall is President Barack Obama in comparison to some of the past presidents? Well just for arguments sake George W. Bush was 5’11 but Bill Clinton was 6’2. Perhaps Democrats are just taller in general? The first lady is said to be in the 5’10 range which is impressivel for a woman and probably would rank up their as one of the tallest first ladies in the history of the presidency.

So now when people ask you how tall is President Barack Obama you know to answer either 6’1 or 6’2 depending on the measurement. At this point perhaps that is the only thing we know for a fact about our leader in Washington D.C.


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