The Healing Effects of Music

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Have you ever experienced waking-up on the wrong side of the bed? Medical experts suggest that you should switch on your radio and turn the knob to your favorite dance station. Not only will it warm-up your sleepy heads but you will also find yourself dancing on top of your bed. That’s the power of music; it can transform a sleepy elephant into an active monkey in no time.

Research has proven that music has healing powers. Classical, meditative, harp and chanting music can actually strengthen a person’s immune system. In fact, pipe-in music is being installed in various hospitals particularly in recovery rooms to aid in the recuperation of the patients. Comforting music is also being played by surgeons before, during, and after operation. According to studies, patients heal rapidly and surgeons are more relaxed performing surgical operations when pleasant music is played in the background.

Music is also a great stress buster and found to be a natural cure for depression. A group of clinically depressed individuals were asked to listen to classical and meditative music for one (1) hour before and after sleep for a span of three (3) weeks. 90% of the patients showed recovery after the session and patients with high-blood pressure also showed improvements in their blood pressure count after three (3) weeks

In the business sector, some companies are playing pleasant music in their workplace. A recent study suggests that employees work efficiently and productively when pleasing music is played in their background.

And finally, music can inspire a weary heart and a lonely soul. The best way to recover from a broken heart is to listen to inspiring music. In case you are suffering from a failed relationship and your world is bluer than ever, try opening that radio and start healing your heartaches and start inspiring yourself with a positive music.


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