4 Well-behaved Kittens

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Baby-Cow- Named because he looks like a miniature cow. He is the naughtiest of the lot and prefers to only eat, play and sleep. In his case, play rates the highest.

Baby Cow and Usher- These two kitties are opposite ends of the poles. Usher is more sober and often looks upto me and meows loud for attention, but Baby-cow would rather, I leave him alone.

Coco- He takes after Baby cow, much like his disciple. I can’t tell which of the two is more naughty.

Polo- She is a replica of her mother Lolo and hence the name. I personally like the eye-patch, it gives her an attitude which luckily she doesn’t have much instead she is playful and much quieter like Usher.

The Lot- A spicy Mix of Naughty and Nice…Vote for your best!


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