Create a Fairy Garden

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It’s a small garden, but it is large enough for some. Children and fairies alike can play in your tiny garden, if you invite them in.

How do you create a fairy garden?

Fairies adore plants, and many plants are named after fairyland creatures. Look for plants that are traditionally associated with fairies. Thyme is a fairy plant, and elfin thyme provides a soft meadow for wee folk to sleep on. Fairies love to smell roses, and they look for bell-shaped flowers that they can use as a bed. Rosemary provides a tree for the fairy folk to dance under, and their babies sleep in its branches. Violets are the favorite of the fairy queen, and bluebells provide music for midnight dances.

Whatever plants you choose, make sure that they are compatible with container gardening. The plants also need to suit the light levels in the area where you plan to place your garden. Although it is possible to move a fairy garden, try to choose plants with similar soil, water, and light requirements so that the entire garden thrives. Make sure that your plants will not grow very high, and prune judiciously.

What container should you choose to house your garden plants? There are many planters available, and many improvised planters lurk in garage sale bins and thrift stores. Your planter might rest in an old wrought-iron chair, or perhaps you place your garden in a found wooden box. Whatever container you choose, find one with the potential for good drainage.

Then furnish your garden. Add a pottery mushroom for the wee folk to sleep under, so that the dew doesn’t make them damp. Craft a bench made from garden twigs, and create a path of little rocks and shells, perfect for tiny feet. Larger rocks make excellent benches, and shells are the perfect size for a bathtub. You might even consider adding dollhouse furniture – for example, a small plate, cup, and a pitcher encourage the fairies to stay for tea.

Why create a fairy garden? It’s a little world in a pot, an outdoor dollhouse for young and old. A fairy garden is an engaging outdoor play area for a child. It can be small or large, so it is suitable for those who have balconies and those who have full size gardens. You can even make a fairy garden indoors using dollhouse furniture and tropical plants.  Of course, fairies also bring blessings to your garden as a whole, as long as you provide them with a comfortable home.


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