GMAIL: The Google’s Email Service

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First of all, what is Gmail? This site is the one which contains the email service created by Google. Once visitors enter to this site, they can login to their accounts, if they have a valid Google Mail Address. If not, it is possible to create a free personal Gmail address.

How to Create a Gmail email

Firstly, the visitor has to direct his or her mouse crosshair to the lower right corner of the home screen of Gmail and chose the Create a New Account tab. Secondly, with the new screen displayed (the one which appears after the user marks ht mentioned tab), he or she would be able to see a window which title is “Create an Acccount”. There users need to fill some blank spaces which ask for some basic personal information as Name, Name of the email, password, alternate email address and word verification (this is usually asked to avoid registrations made by automatic programs). It is important to remark that is very important that each new user reads the Terms of Service (TOS) of Gmail before they click the tab that says “I Accept. Create My Account”.

Gmail Inbox

Once the user has created his or her new email of Google Mail, it is time to start using its basic functions. In the left side of the screen there can be accessed folders with received, sent and spam messages. There are also links to related services such as Calendar, Docs, Photos and Sites.


Gmail is a more recent email service than Hotmail or Yahoo, but it has caught so many users among the last few years than now is one of the most used emails. This could be due to the popularity which has obtained other Google pages as Youtube and Blogger which request users to have a valid Gmail address to be part of them.


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