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The site Gamestorrents is a site dedicated to game downloads. The way in which this page makes that possible is through torrents. What is a torrent? It is a link which is compatible only with P2P software or sharing programs, and it allows any person to download videos, pictures and so on in a quick way. There are some PS2 programs as one called Ares which can use torrents.

The design of the site

Gamestorrents mostly uses dark colors as black and blue. In the upper side of its main screen it displays two tabs for choosing the language in which it is wanted to see the contents. Bellow that it is displayed the menu bar which contains the necessary tabs for exploring the site. Some of these are home, add favorites, PS2, Wii and PC. The site shows sections for each of the consoles which are popular at a specific moment. Then, next to that bar users can access to different tabs to sign in, login, upload a torrent and read frequent asked questions. It may be important to remark that only registered users can upload contents to the site.

The Torrents

Each torrent has its own name which is also the one of the game which it includes. In addition, each torrent is inside a different category. For example, if the torrent contains a PC game, it will be in the PC-Games section. From the top to the bottom of the home screen there are the following categories: PSP, PC Games, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and Games Nintendo DS. By marking each game’s name, which is inside a category, it is displayed a new screen for the user to download it.


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