Five Tips For Dads-To-Be

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Be Supportive

Before either of you know that you’re having a baby your partner’s body will be changing.  Hormones will be rising – and you are in the firing line, but fear not, it’s all for a good cause.  Just smile, do whatever she says and let the good times roll.

Don’t Panic

Panic is not your friend, it spreads fear and doubt.  But you will do it.  Just remember that you will cope.  Trust me!  Been there, done that, got the sicky t-shirt!

Buy a Book

Take an interest.  There’s a lot to be said for just listening and looking like you’re taking the slightest bit of notice when your missus is going on about what pram to buy and which room to turn into a nursery.  Try not to look bored, because, after all, it’s your baby too!  A book targeted at Dad’s is a great idea – The Bloke’s Guide to Pregnancy by Jon Smith is funny, informative, and will help you cut through the baby jargon!

Get all the graft done before the baby arrives!

Don’t leave big jobs (ie painting, building the crib) until the last minute or you’ll never get them finished, you’ll be up to your eyes in nappies and survivng on reduced sleep…..saves an earbashing too!

Enjoy it!

Unless you’re planning a football first eleven, this will only happen once or twice in you life (three times if you’re brave), so buckle up, put a big proud smile on your face and enjoy the ride!  You’re the Daddy now!


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